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Many people want to go to Dubai for the vacation because it is a city of ambition which is famous for their mega malls, tallest buildings are also there and the largest islands in the world. The best time to visit Dubai is from November to January as you can experience the picture perfect beach weather. There are some reasons in which you will understand why you should visit Dubai.


The ten reasons to visit the Dubai for the vacation are the following:

Dubai has the most impressive skyline in the world:

This is the most important reason  to visit Dubai as if you are around the Burj Khalifa or you are down at the Marina which is one of the 5 tallest residential buildings in the world and by going there you can see the pretty amazing view.

Climb the tallest building in the world:

The next reason is you can climb on the building which is tallest in the world as it known for the super structures with the Burj Khalifa being the tallest building and basically it is twice the height of New York’s State building in the world and it is above the clouds as well. There are 163 floors in it in which you can view from the observation decks which will be worth the entry fee.

Be entertained by the mega malls:

The next reason is you will be entertained by the mega malls as we know Dubai known as the home to the biggest shopping centre on the planet called Dubai mall and the people who are travelling from near or far can visit the attractions which is built into the shopping centres.

You can go skiing in the desert:

The next main reason to visit Dubai is you can also go skiing in the desert which is in the middle of the Arabian desert. It is 85 metres high and also covers an area of 22,500 square metres.

It has a thriving foodie scene:

The next reason is there are many food styles which are available in this city. The food festivals which happen throughout the year are very good.

There are 1,000km of beaches to enjoy:

The next reason is you can also enjoy the 1,000km of beaches and more than 300 days of sunshine per year and it covers over 1,000km of coastline in which you are not far away from getting your tan too.

It’s a multicultural melting pot:

The next main reason is it is a cultural melting point which is coming from outside the country and also the Dubai expats are the first generation which brings them a host of different cultural traditions.

See the biggest fountain display in the world:

The next main important reason is you can also see the biggest fountain which has been displayed in the world and it is really a fun sight for anyone and it is made by the same people who created the iconic Bellagio fountain which is located at Las Vegas and it is almost 1000ft long and shoots the water at least up to 400ft into the air which is accompanied by the range of classical, contemporary and world music.

Let’s not forget the Palm island:

The next important reason is the Palm island as it is the world’s largest artificial island which was built between 2001 and 2006 and it is a home to multi million dollar mega mansions and it is a host of 5 star luxury hotels which includes the Atlantis The Palm

Unique architecture:

Basically Dubai is known for its architecture and it is very hard to believe that four decades have passed and this city did not have a single building and now this city is full of skyscrapers which are designed by the best architects in the world.. You can also see that the buildings come in all the shapes, sizes and styles and even the metro stations are architectural wonders.

Dubai’s nightlife:

The next important reason is the people who like to party and it is all about its nightclubs and bars which are open every night of the week and also the bars are open every night and it also comes in different themes and styles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dubai needs the tourists to visit because they can discover their history, swim with dolphins, you can ride a camel in the desert and you can also enjoy a day at the waterpark and much more things.

The rules in Dubai for tourists are such as you have to dress appropriately, you cannot eat in public, you have to avoid PDA, etc.

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