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Rules for Overstay in UAE

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The United Arab Emirates is a beautiful place to visit. Tourists, visitors, and businessmen are welcomed inside the country pretty nicely. The visa rules and immigration policy of the United Arab Emirates are lenient. UAE government has formulated the well UAE overstay rules to ensure that residents and tourists are staying inside the country legally. UAE overstay fine can be enforced on any individual who is overstaying inside the country without legal reasons and valid reasons.


UAE overstay residency visa rules

Expatriates in the United Arab Emirates have the privilege to live inside the country only till the last expiry date of the residence visa. The limited time of your residence visa in UAE can be two years, three years, or even one year. The UAE residency visa rules are:

  • Overstaying a UAE residency visa is illegal and can affect your future travel to UAE.
  • According to the UAE overstay residency visa rule, residents have the time of 30 days to leave the country. The 30 days is referred to as the "grace period" for renewing a residency visa. Or leaving the country so you do not have to pay any fine. 
  • If your residence visa gets expired at the same time Emirates ID expires too. Both Emirates ID and residence visa must be renewed before 30 days. 
  • The residence visa should be renewed by the sponsor before the grace period to avoid fines and penalties.
  • Expatriates must have a valid residence visa or renewed residence visa to continue living inside UAE without leaving.
  • No UAE overstay fine is imposed during 30 days Grace period.
  • In case your sponsor is taking a long time to renew the residency visa. The best option is to apply for a tourist visa and then to change the visa status to a residence visa.

UAE overstay tourist visa rules

There are a few different UAE overstay visa rules for tourists, and visitors. The UAE overstay tourist visa rules are:

  • Any individual who has entered the United Arab Emirates with a tourist visa or visit visa is not permitted to overstay. 
  • Overstaying inside UAE with an invalid tourist visa illegally can lead up to heavy fines.
  • After the tourist visa expiry date, tourists get 10 days to leave UAE.
  • Or the other option which can opt to avoid overstay in UAE is to get an extension. All kinds of tourist visas and visit visas in the UAE are extendable. You will get the visa extension easily as it is not a troublesome process. To obtain a tourist visa extension or visit visa extension you can apply on the Dubai Visitor Visa website. The visa extension to stay inside UAE for additional 30 days costs USD 600 on the Dubai Visitor Visa website.
  • Or tourists must leave Emirates before the 10 day grace period. 


UAE overstay fine

For Residents:

The UAE overstay fine for residents is up to AED 125 after the 30 days Grace period. After the first day, residents overstaying UAE residency visas have to pay AED 25 every day. AED 50 is added on every subsequent day after six month period. If the resident is overstaying in UAE continuously for one year, then a fine of AED 100 is charged per day.

For tourists and visitors:

The UAE overstay fine for visitors and tourists is much higher as compared to the resident. Tourists overstaying inside UAE after a ten-day grace period have to pay the fine of:

  • On 1st day- AED 200
  • From 2nd day- AED 100
  • Service charges- AED 100



UAE overstay fine must be paid by the individual who hasn't left the country after the visa expired. Or even on the individual who didn't renew or extended their visa on time. Or to the expatriate or visitor overstay in UAE. Then they will be fined according to the number of days one overstay. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

To pay UAE to overstay fine you can visit the Amer service center. The overstay fine can also be paid at the immigration ports while leaving the country. Expatriates can pay fines at the airport entry ports, seaports, or borders.

Yes, a UAE tourist visa can be modified into a residence visa according to the new visa rules. But, applicant planning to change the status should do it before their tourist visa expire. Otherwise fine of AED 200 will be charged. 

To check UAE overstay fine, you can go to the ICA official online website. You will need a residence visa number or tourist visa number for checking overstay fine online. Click on the "public services" option on the main page. Click on the fine tab and then search for the "pay fine" tab. Click on start service. Give file number, and date of birth. The total number of overstay days and fines will be shown.

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