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best things to buy in dubai

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Most people who have visited Dubai would conclude as shopping paradise. Dubai provides both modern and traditional shopping experiences, with hundreds of shopping malls and souks to choose from. Every year, the city hosts one of the world's largest shopping festivals, the Dubai Shopping Festival, which draws millions of tourists from all over the world. Let us find some of the best Things to Buy in Dubai.

10 Things You Can Buy:

1. Dubai Perfumes / Oud / Bukhoor

Dubai's perfume industry has hundreds of shops with a wide range of fragrances to choose from. This also includes branded perfumes available in other regions of the world. Dubai is the place to go if you want to pamper yourself with some of those perfume brands at a (probably) lower price. Dubai, on the other hand, is renowned for its Arabian Oud and Bukhoor offerings.


2. Jewelry made of gold and diamonds

Apart from its oil reserves, Dubai is renowned for its gold. Dubai is known as the "city of gold" because of its abundance of gold. Dubai is a gold buyer's paradise for people from all over the world. Dubai's gold souk is the best place to buy gold, with about 10 tonnes of gold on hand at any given time! Simply walking into the souk will draw your attention to the gleaming gold jewelry. You'll feel as if you've discovered an ancient emperor's hoard, and you'll want to take it all homes with you.

3. Items Made of Electronics

Electronics are also less expensive thanks to Dubai's tax policies. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, game consoles, and other electronic devices fall under this category. You will get these and a variety of other electronic goods for a lower price than in other countries.

4. Chocolate bars

In recent years, Dubai has established itself as a global business center. Dubai is home to ex-pats and enterprises from all over the world. Similarly, Dubai has developed into a global center for chocolate.


5. Dates

Dates have been there for thousands of years, believe it or not. They have been grown in the Middle East for over 6000 years. Dates are recognized as the world's oldest cultivated crop. The date palm has been around for about 50 million years, according to fossil records!

6. Nuts and dried fruits

Dates, raisins, figs, apricots, and apples are all dried fruits with deep origins in Middle Eastern including Mediterranean countries. They've been used for a variety of purposes in various cultures around the world. Dried fruits are now manufactured and consumed worldwide. They are available for purchase in various regions at varying prices. 

7. Clothes, shoes, and timepieces

Dubai is one of the best places in the world to shop for new fashion at the best prices. The malls in Dubai are packed with big international clothing and lifestyle brands, with hundreds of different models to choose from. Although the locals in Dubai tend to dress conservatively, you'll be shocked to see the clothing selection in those massive stores. Cotton, silk, denim, and leather, to name a few materials. Clothes come in a variety of materials, colors, styles, and sizes.

8. A pashmina 

The misunderstanding stems from the abundance of "fakes" on the market. A pashmina's amount of silk and cashmere yarn, as well as its quality and price, can vary. It's not easy to find pashmina of such high quality that it's worth the money. Identifying the fabric and its consistency is probably second nature to you. If that's the case, you'll be able to find high-quality pashmina shawls, stoles, and scarves at a fair price all over Dubai.


9. Desserts

In every community, sweets play an important role. At least one sweet dish is associated with each country and locale, and Middle Eastern countries are no exception. Baklawa, Umm Ali, Basbousa, and Qatayef are traditional Middle Eastern sweets that can be found in various parts of Dubai. Try some sweet dishes at a local shop to please your sweet tooth, and make sure to buy some fresh sweets to take home on your last day in Dubai.

10. Carpets and rugs

Carpets have long been a part of the Arabian tradition. While you're in Dubai, make a point of visiting the local markets (souks), where you can find high-quality rugs and carpets at fair prices. Carpets are available in a variety of price ranges. Machine-made carpets can be less expensive than hand-made carpets. Hand-knotted carpets, on the other hand, are of higher quality and deserve to be more expensive. Their cost varies as well, depending on the type of material used, its consistency, and the amount of work done on it.
It's no surprise that Dubai is a shopper's paradise. Dubai's shopping scene is constantly evolving, and it will not let you leave empty-handed. There are so many things you can purchase in Dubai, so Apply Dubai Visit Visa, and visit Dubai to buy everything available from perfumes to dates to candy to carpets.

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