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Dubai is one of Asia's most famous vacation spots! It provides scenic views and exciting encounters that are unlike anything else in Asia's exotic existence. Unfortunately, citizens living abroad must also apply for a visa before accessing the Requirements for Dubai Visit Visa.

Online applications are accepted

Nationals of countries that need a prearranged UAE visa could now apply and pay for it online at

If you're flying to or resting in Dubai with Emirates, you can apply for and obtain your UAE visa completely online, eliminating the need to send your passport in for spitting. After scheduling your Emirates flight, you can submit your Dubai Visit Visa Requirements using our Manage the booking feature. 

Residents and citizens of many countries worldwide can use the online visa application program. Find out if you're qualified to apply for a visa in the UAE. Passports must've been valid for at least six months from now to the date of travel to Dubai, and they must be screens – handwritten passports will not be approved.

This option is only available to passengers who have a confirmed Emirates booking, which includes an Emirates fare and a flight itinerary that includes the desired place in Dubai. The whole trip into and out of Dubai should be booked on a single ticket (PNR), and all flights have to be Emirates. It is important to note that now the online visa service does not apply to itineraries that include flights to or from Dubai on other airlines.

While online applications must be submitted at least four international working days immediately upon arrival in Dubai, Emirates recommends that they be submitted as soon as possible.


Indians may apply for a visa in Dubai in four simple steps

  1. Once you've determined your Visa category, you'll need to fill out the necessary visa information and request a quote from your OTA.
  2. You can complete the Dubai visa application process online and pay the processing fee as well as the agent's fees using NetBanking, credit or debit card, or an e-wallet.
  3. Make sure you download all of the documents listed on the requirements sheet online, trying to make sure you don't forget anything. The OTA will then check the authenticity of your documents and, if necessary, ask you to re-upload, before sending your submission to the consulate.
  4. You can monitor the status of your e-visa application online before you receive it all in your registered email id.
  5. For Indian nationals, the visa processing period in Dubai can be just as little as 24 hours. However, you should anticipate your Dubai e-visa to take 3-4 working days to process.

Documents Required Applying for a Visa in Dubai

The following are the common documents needed for a visitor or business visa in Dubai:

  • Your passport must be legal for at minimum six months.
  • A photocopy of the completed visa process.
  • Two-color images on a white backdrop were scanned.
  • A cover letter from the applicant stating the reason for his visit as well as the length of his stay.
  • Return flight tickets that have been verified.
  • Proof of hotel booking for the entire duration of your visit to Dubai.
  • An original and photocopy of your IT Return, and also a photocopy of your PAN card is needed.
  • Original and scanned copies of your investing documents are needed. Should have a minimum investment of 5 lacs in the form of FDs.
  • A NOC by her father or husband is needed for a solo female traveler under the age of 24.

Here's a fast look at the cost of a Dubai visa based on your visa type

  1. The cost of a tourist visa in Dubai is 160 USD.
  2. The cost of a 48-hour visa is 70 USD.
  3. The cost of a 96-hour visa is 120 USD.
  4. The price of a 90-day visa in Dubai is 800 USD.


Here are some possible reasons for your Dubai visa application being denied

  • Since you're a woman under the age of 24 who is traveling independently, your visa could be delayed or denied due to concerns about sex trafficking.
  • Any prior criminal record, fraud, or wrongdoing in the UAE or India will result in your visa being denied.
  • If you already had a UAE residency visa and fled the country without canceling it. Before granting you a fresh tourist visa, the Public Relations Officer must have it revoked for you.
  • If the scanned versions of your passport aren't legible and the UAE immigration considers it suspicious, the process of issuing your Dubai Visit Visa will be rejected or delayed.
  • If your visa lists you as a non-white collar worker, such as a laborer or a farmer, the visa can be denied.
  • Your visa application may be denied or postponed if there are typos in the name, passport number, date of birth, visa issuance, or expiration dates.
  • If you've applied for a visitor visa to Dubai but haven't used it yet. Before applying for a new UAE visa, you must first get it revoked from an OTA.
  • If you qualified for an employment visa via an organization in the United Arab Emirates but did not use it. In this scenario, the company's PRO must first cancel your visa before allowing you to apply for a new Dubai Visit visa.

First and foremost, an citizens going to Dubai must Apply Dubai Visit Visa. A Dubai tourist visa is suitable for an individual who is visiting the UAE for enjoyment, such as a vacation or to visit relatives. But first, you must choose whether you want a 48-hour or 96-hour visa, or anything longer like a 30-day or 90-day visa. There are also 30-day and 90-day multiple-entry visas available. Citizens living abroad can apply for a Dubai Visit Visa, and once their application is approved, they will receive an email with a copy of their e-visa. This was all about requirements for dubai visit visa.

Apply Dubai Visit Visa

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