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Dubai is a major tourist destination around the world, and every traveler wishes to visit this lovely emirate at least once. You'll need a Visa to enter. Now the question is “How to Check Dubai Visit Visa Status Online. Even though Dubai Visit Visa has made obtaining a visa for its visitors very simple, many travelers are still unsure about the process.

Find out how to verify the status of your UAE residency visa online. If you're looking for a "Dubai visa check by passport number," this is the service to use:

  • Visit to access the portal.
  • You can also visit the Dubai Visit Visa Status option on our website. 
  • Choose English from the drop-down menu under "Change Language."
  • Select "Passport Details" from the drop-down menu.
  • Depending on your visa form, click “Visa” or “Residency.”
  • Your passport number and expiration date should be entered.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose your nationality.
  • Before you click on the search tab, make sure the captcha box is checked.

Here's how to use it to find out when your visa is about to expire:

  • Pick the "Services" label when you open the app.
  • Select "Residence Inquiry" from the "Entry Permit / Residence Status" menu.
  • Fill in the blanks: Date of birth, visa code, first name, nationality
  • Make sure your information is right, and then press "Inquiry."

You must meet the following requirements to be qualified for a Dubai visa:

  • Passport must be valid. The passport must be valid for at least six months and contain at least two blank pages.
  • Return flight tickets must be booked and verified.
  • You must be allowed of any illegal history.
  • You'll need enough money in your account to cover your expenses in Dubai.

What to do if visa application form contains errors?

If you have not yet submitted your visa application, clicking the "Verified and Continue" button will allow you to easily correct mistakes on your form. If you find a mistake before submitting, press the "Modify/Edit" button to make the necessary changes. You may, however, correct any errors after you've submitted your application online. Filling out a new application form is your only choice.

Dubai Visit Visa Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best way to check the status of Dubai visa through the internet?

After you've applied for a Dubai Visit visa, paid the processing fee, and uploaded your visa documents, the visa team will notify you of the status of your Dubai e-visa application as obtained from the UAE embassy.

How long does a Dubai visa take to process?

A Dubai Visit visa is usually processed in 3-4 business days, although it can be processed in as little as 24 hours in some cases. If you need a visa quickly, you can apply for an Express visa, which is processed far more quickly than a regular visa. For an Express visa, whether it's a 48-hour or 96-hour visa, the Dubai Processing Fee is higher.

How far in advance will one need to apply for a tourist visa in Dubai?

You must apply for a Dubai Visit visa at least two months in advance of your departure date. The visa is still valid for 58 days after it is issued.

Is it possible to obtain a Dubai visa on the same day?

If you choose the Express visa program, you will receive your visa the same day, within 24 hours. The cost of obtaining a Dubai Express visa is always higher than the cost of obtaining a normal visa, which takes 5 working days on average. Furthermore, only 48-hour and 96-hour visas are eligible for the Express visa option.

Can one apply for a Dubai visa without booking a flight through

Yes, that is right. Go to our visa site, choose Dubai as your destination, pay the visa processing fee, and upload the necessary documents. Then, on your behalf, we fill out the visa application form and double-check the authenticity and quality of your documents. It is then forwarded to the UAE High Commission to be processed. We send your Dubai e-visa to your email address once we receive it.

Is a Dubai/UAE visa valid for a year?

You can apply for a visa of your choice, ranging from a 48-hour visa to a 96-hour visa, a 30-day single-entry short-term visa, a 90-day single entry visa, and a 30-day numerous entry short-term visa, then a 90-day multiple-entry long-term visa. A Dubai visa is valid for 58 days from the date of issue and can be extended twice for another 30 days each time. 

A visa is a legal document that allows you to enter, stay, work, and reside in a foreign country for a set period or indefinitely. Apart from a passport, you'll need a visa to enter a foreign country if you're traveling from India – unless the country allows Indians to enter with a visa on arrival.

Delays in obtaining and to Apply Dubai Visit Visa can be very frustrating, whether you are traveling for work, education, company, or pleasure. As a result, keeping track of the status of your visa application is always a good idea to ensure that your travel plans do not go awry.

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