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Is it Required to Get Visa for Freelancing In UAE

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Expatriates shifting to the United Arab Emirates do not have to waste a lot of time getting work visas, or other types of employment visas. In the United Arab Emirates, there are several options for self-employment and freelancing jobs. The UAE freelancer visa, as well as the self-employment visa, are available for a variety of professions. The UAE freelancer visa is the license or permit which allows expatriates to do freelancing work inside the United Arab Emirates. After acquiring a freelancer visa in UAE, expatriates can live inside the country as it is the type of residency visa. If you are in Dubai on a family visa or spouse visa. Then you can get a freelance permit in Dubai to work independently inside the country. The freelancer visa or freelance visa must have to be acquired by expatriates in UAE.


UAE Freelancer Visa and Freelance Permit Eligibility

Expatriates who genuinely want to build up their career or do freelancing work in UAE should only apply for a Freelance visa or permit. UAE government offer freelancing permit to a wide range of profession. Foreign nationals can get a visa if they are visiting UAE to work freely. 

  • Media- Anchors, news writers, actors, singers, advertising, etc then you can get a freelancer visa in UAE.
  • Tech- If you have professional knowledge of technological jobs like web development, web designer, etc. 
  • Education- Anyone who wants to do freelancing work in the education field, then they can also apply for UAE Freelancer Visa.
  • Finance professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Designers

Freelancer Visa Benefits In Dubai

Expatriates staying in UAE on freelancer visas or permits can receive many services and benefits inside the country.

  • Many people now want to work as a freelancer is the flexibility.  There is no fixed time to work in a day. Freelancers can work anytime, and for more than working hours if they want. Freelancer visa holders in UAE don't have to do 9 to 5 or 9 to 9 jobs. They have the privilege to work whenever they want.
  • Expatriates in UAE working as a freelancer don't have to stay confined to a single company. They can work for different companies without applying for a work permit or taking anyone's permission. 
  • Working as a freelancer in the United Arab Emirates is not very expensive. The UAE freelancer visa cost is affordable. There is no mandatory requirement for working space or office space.
  • You will have the freedom to work in the UAE free zone area as well.
  • Independent work, you don't have to work under anyone's sponsorship.
  • UAE Freelancer Visa holders can sponsor their dependents and family members.



You can apply for a UAE freelancer visa online through the gofreelance website. If you are submitting an application for a freelancer visa in UAE, then ensure that you have a Freelance license or permit. If you don't have a freelance permit then you can apply for it by following simple steps:

  • Visit the "Go Freelance" webpage.
  • Click on the option "Go Apply".
  • Give details like last name, first name, business activity, email, etc.
  • Documents submission- For the Freelancer permit submit your photo, NOC (signed by sponsor), valid passport copy, resume, and bank statement. Media professionals should submit portfolios or work samples for a freelancer permit. All the educational and professional certificates must be submitted by the educational professional. 
  • Freelancer permits can take 10 to 15 days for processing. After getting approval you have to go to Dubai internet City if you are a tech professional. Visit the Dubai media center if you are a media professional to obtain a freelance permit. Educational professionals have to go to the Dubai knowledge park.
  • Sign and verify all the documents. They the pay Freelance permit fee.
  • The approved and valid freelance permit is sent to the email address.

Applying for a UAE freelancer visa

  • After getting a freelance permit, you should apply for an establishment card. The Freelancer permit allows the holder to enjoy corporate services in UAE. Apply for an establishment card via the TECOM business platform. The establishment card cost for a freelance visa is AED 2,000. 
  • After receiving an establishment card, you can apply for a UAE freelancer visa via the Dubai development authority. The freelancer employment visa in Dubai stays valid for three years.

UAE freelancer visa cost

  • The cost of a freelance permit in Dubai is AED 7,500.
  • The UAE Freelancer Visa costs AED 4,960 which stays valid for three years. 
  • To acquire it fast, you have to pay extra charges for express service i.e; AED 6, 340.



The Freelancer permit provides the opportunity to work as an independent instructor or freelancer worker in the United Arab Emirates. You don't have to undertake the company's name or office name. And you can work freely under your name as a freelancer.

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