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how to check dubai visit visa status with passport number

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Most of us recall the month when our visa to stay expires, but we usually don't remember the date. Then it is common to switch through passport pages by “How to Check Dubai Visit Visa Status with Passport Number”. You can either carry with you your passport or learn more about the validity of UAE visas. There are also a number of these online channels when you next wonder how to check visa status in the UAE.

A guide to monitoring the validity of a visa with your passport is available here step by step:
1. Visit the GDRFA Website.
2. Choose the radio button for 'Passport Information.'
3. Choose either "residency" or "visa."
4. Please enter the expiry date and passport number.
5. From the dropdown on the right enter citizenship. On the box on the left, there will be a corresponding number.
6. Click on a search and pick the Captcha check box. Your visa details will now be displayed with your expiry date.


How to track Visa?

You need to have the application number and card number to track your visa application. Ask them to enter the application number and reference number of any visa service provider if you submit your Dubai Visit Visa application so that the visa can be tracked yourself on the channels.
Follow your visa application through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs-Dubai if you have applied for Dubai visas or through Centers in Dubai.

Check validity here:

On the website of Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, you already have a visa for entry/residence in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah (the channel for residency and citizenship).
Check your visa validity through our website in Dubai, if you already have an entry/residency visa in Dubai.


Visa status documents required:

You only need two significant visa tracking papers: your passport number and the visa application number (ID). Some countries can also provide a tracking ID when applying for a visa; you can easily identify your visa status by using this ID.

How to correct online application for a visa?

If you do not present your application by clicking the button "Verified and Continue," you can easily correct errors on your visa application form. You can make corrections by clicking the "modify/edit" button if you detect an error before submission. However, you can correct your mistakes once you submit your application online. A new application form can only be completed.

Check Visa status with the application ID:

You receive a visa application or a certificate number if you are applying for a visa. This figure is indicated on the receipt from the Indian mission or the agency in which the application has been made. This application ID can also be used for visa tracking.
In addition, you should note that immigration authorities occasionally send you your mobile number or e-mail address for the visa application. The authorities generally only share the state when it is reached and processed and examined by the competent authority concerned. The status may be approved, rejected, or shipped.
A visa is an official document enabling you to enter, stay, work and live for a specified period or indefinitely in a foreign country. Besides a passport, you must be granted to Apply Dubai Visit Visa to travel to Dubai.
Regardless of whether you travel for work, education, business, or leisure, a visa delay could be stressful. It is therefore always a good idea so that your plans do not go haywire, to keep track of the status of the visa application. So get your Dubai Visit Visa and explore the beautiful nation. 

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