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Dubai has established itself as one of the most popular destinations for not only leisure but also business including medical travel. It also acts as a crossroads between east and west. Obtaining a Dubai visa used to be a time-consuming process. However, due to the booming tourism industry in Dubai, the immigration authorities have made it easier the Dubai Visit Visa for Sri Lanka Passport Holders to obtain.

Sri Lankans can now apply for a visa in Dubai:

Some Tours launched the airport to airport visa change service from Dubai Airport to make it easier for people who want to extend their stay in the Emirate of Dubai.

What is a Visa Change in Dubai Visit Visa?

Since Dubai is such a fascinating metropolis, nearly 80% of visitors want to prolong their stay. If tourists want to prolong their stay in Dubai the traditional way, they will not only waste time and money, but they will also ruin their vacation mood because they will have to leave Dubai, wait a month, and reapply for a new visa. This time-consuming procedure was simplified by allowing visitors to fly to Bahrain or Oman via Sharjah airport, wait for their new UAE visa, and return to the UAE in a day or two. It started offering this service from Dubai International Airport to make it easier for people who don't want to fly to Sharjah.


What documents does a Sri Lankan need to apply for a Dubai Visa Change?

The following documents are needed as backup:
⦁ A thorough review of the applicant's information page (make sure passport has a minimum validity of 6 months from date of scheduled return)
⦁ Clear color photo in passport size with white background.
⦁ Copy of Guarantor's Residence Visa Page.
Steps to follow for a simple Dubai visa:

Step 1

The most important aspect understands the various forms of UAE visas and determining which visa best fits your travel needs. For example, if your stay will be less than 30 days, a standard 30 day Dubai visa will suffice. A standard 90-day Dubai visa is the best choice if you want to stay longer. An express Dubai visa can be arranged if you need to fly to Dubai urgently. A multiple entry visa is the best choice if you know you'll be entering and leaving Dubai frequently. A standard Dubai visa takes 2-3 working days to process, while an express visa takes 8-24 hours to process (during official UAE working days – Sunday to Thursday).

 Step 2

Gather the documents needed for a Sri Lankan citizen to apply for a visa in Dubai. These documents, along with a completely completed visa application form, must be submitted:
⦁ Color photograph was taken recently
⦁ A copy of the ticket for the return flight that has been verified
⦁ Front and back pages of a scanned soft copy of a passport (valid for at least 6 months).
⦁ A guarantor's (a family member who works in the government or private sector) Sri Lanka national identification card, proof of phone number and address (electricity bill or phone bill proof), or a UAE residency visa page of a friend or family member who works in the UAE or the Middle East.

Step 3

Choose a reputable and trustworthy travel agency with a long history of issuing Dubai visas. Check out their online reviews and see what their customers have to say. You can visit Dubai Visits Visa which is the most trusted website. 


Step 4

Please submit the required document along with scanned copies of the required documents. After you've made your payment, you'll get a confirmation email.

 Step 5

Your visa application and documentation will be verified and reviewed by our visa processing team before being sent to Dubai immigration. Dubai immigration may sometimes request additional documentation, which must be submitted.

Step 6

You will receive a copy of your Dubai visa via WhatsApp or email, depending on the type of visa you have applied for.

Step 7

On the day of your departure, remember to carry your passport, a copy of your ticket, and any other documentation you may need, and arrive at the airport counter 3 hours before your flight.


The scale of Sri Lankan visa photo in Dubai:

What is the picture size for a Dubai visa in Sri Lankan? Many of you have inquired, and you might have discovered on the internet that the photo size must be 2-inch x 2 inch or 45 mm x 35 mm, which is incorrect information, as there is no unique Dubai visa photo size for Sri Lanka. The easiest way to submit your photo for a Dubai visa application is to have it taken in a studio for your passport or medical report, and then receive a soft copy via email or pen drive. Send your passport scan copy to a visa processing company, and they will process your Dubai visa. If you have not yet received your passport and are aware that photographs cannot be taken in any studio at your request, you must go to Sri Lankan immigration-approved studios.
Due to its versatility and drive to develop itself as an all-rounder tourist destination, Dubai is well-known throughout the world. This perspective may contribute to the misconception to Apply Dubai Visit Visa in a separate country. Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates' seven emirates that make up the region. So apply your Dubai Visit Visa and explore the exciting nation. 

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