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Dubai is the fourth most popular tourist destination on the planet! As a result, Dubai receives a large influx of visitors from other countries. Some countries are eligible for free visas, and the GCC countries do not need a visa to visit Dubai. If you are from Canada, however, you will need Dubai Visit Visa for Canada Citizens.

Online Visa Application for Dubai from Canada:

Even after the Dubai Visit Visa for Canadian citizens is implemented, Canadian citizens who intend to travel to the UAE for more than 90 days on business or tourism, or who are crossing the border for research, employment, medical care, visiting relatives, or immigration will need to apply for a traditional visa for Dubai from Canada.
An applicant must apply for a conventional visa application and attend an in-person interview at a UAE embassy or consulate. Since this is not an automated procedure, applicants can give more time for a conventional visa application than they would for a UAE visa application for Canadians and learn more through Dubai Visits Visa Website.

Is it necessary to obtain a Dubai tourist visa if one is a Canadian citizen?

You do not need a 30-day tourist visa if you are a Canadian resident. Simply show your passport at immigration after arriving at Dubai International Airport, and it will be marked with a 30-day visit visa.

For holders of a Canadian PR card, a visa to Dubai is available:

Your visa requirements may vary if you are not a Canadian national but have a permanent residency card. This can mean the difference between having to apply ahead of time and only be allowed to remain for 14 days.
As a result, you can double-check the conditions for travel authorization for people of your home country. This is to ensure that you have completed your application on time and with all necessary documents so that you can start your trip with your paperwork in hand.


Fees for a 30-day visit visa for Canadian citizens are as follows:

Canadian residents are eligible for a free 30-day visit visa. This is an on-arrival visa, and it has been in place since January 2011.

What kind of visa will you get for Dubai if you're in Canada?

You may apply for a single-entry or multiple-entry 90-day visa. You may also apply for a visa extension.

To apply for a Dubai visa in Canada, follow these steps:

You may apply for a Dubai Visit Visa at Dubai Visits Visa which is one of the best website to get the Visa.

For Canadian nationals, the following documents are required for a Dubai tourist visa:

The following documents are required: 

⦁ Passport (valid for at least six months from the date of arrival) with a blank page
⦁ Statement of bank account
⦁ Proof of your visit's intention
⦁ Airline tickets that have been verified (both ways)


Apply for a visa to Dubai online if you are a Canadian citizen:

For a hassle-free online visa application, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the visa application website.
  2. Choose Canada as your citizenship and your home country.
  3. Choose the type of visa you want and how long you want to stay.
  4. Complete the application form and attach your supporting documents.
  5. Make a expense using any of the accessible payment methods.

Is it safe to visit the country as a tourist?

Dubai has a low crime rate and is a secure place. However, it is still a good idea to be cautious and follow standard safety precautions before traveling anywhere. Pickpockets should be avoided in busy areas, and strangers should be avoided while traveling alone, according to popular advice.
Before traveling somewhere, it's also a good idea to familiarize you with local laws and traditions to avoid inadvertently causing problems. Being cautious and wary will assist you in having a healthy and enjoyable experience, allowing you to get the most out of your journey.

Dubai Visit Visa Processing Time

The processing of your visa at a visa application center will take up to a week. If you're coming from Canada, you'll need a visa on arrival in Dubai. At the Dubai International Airport's immigration department, you can get your Dubai visa on arrival.


What is prohibited in Dubai for Canadian visitors?

The following are prohibited in Dubai:

⦁ Getting drunk in front of everyone
⦁ Drink and drive is a dangerous combination.
⦁ Displays of affection in public
⦁ Clothing that is not necessary
⦁ Defamatory words
⦁ A hanging gesture that is offensive
⦁ Taking pictures of people without their permission

Travelers to Apply Dubai Visit Visa for Canadian passport holders should keep in mind that they must reach the UAE with the passport they used to apply for the visa. If the traveler's passport and the passport information specified on the visa do not match, the traveler may be denied entry to the UAE. So get your Dubai Visit Visa and visit the beautiful antion. 

Apply Dubai Visit Visa

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