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You're already in UAE and want to stay without leaving UAE for a while longer. Those who are canceled or withdrawn in UAE can get a new Dubai Visit Visa for Bangladesh Passport Holders to the UAE together with your change in status without going anywhere. Let us get all the details regarding it. 

Required documents:

General documents for all types of visas (national Bangladesh):
⦁ Copy of confirmation reservations copy of the national ID card Bangladesh/certificate of birth (only in English)
⦁ Copy of Local company/sponsor ID 
⦁ Late 6 months’ Salary Certificate 
⦁ Bank Statement with bank original stamp (Account for Savings) under the name of the applicant.
The following steps are required upon submission of an application in addition to the above requirements.


For Visa Tourism

⦁ Applicant's monthly income should be 20000 Bangladesh and higher than
⦁ Applicants for the Bangladesh working government sector in the UAE must provide the Office with a clearance letter (NOC).
⦁ The private sector applicant in the UAE must submit a letter of clearance (NOC) from the office.
⦁ If an independent worker is a valid copy of the commercial license.

For visas for business

Current company original NOC & Valid copy of the trading license
Indian Invitation Letter The city of visit and the period of stay for the purposes should be indicated in the letter. One of those attestations should be confirmed by the Indian Chamber of Trade and Industry Federation (FCCI), Indian Reserve Bank (RBI), CII. And a copy of the valid trade permits.



  1. Bangladesh nationals are subject to a two-month gap
  2. No visas can be requested by non-residents.
  3. Entry and exit Airport name (the name of the airport should be the same) on the request is compulsory.
  4. A copy, in their name (Tenancy contract/electricity bill), of the proof of residence issued to UAE residents with Abu Dhabi or Al-Ain in Dubai / North Emirates.
  5. A NOC (No Objection Certificate) with correct contents is required for minors (under the age of 18 years) and both parents must sign it. The signature of the parent should be the same as those of their passports.
  6. For the convenience of applicants at centers, BLS International offers "Other services"

Book for a Dubai Visa Online with an OTA in a quick four-step procedure including:

⦁ Receive an OTA quote.
⦁ Use your credit/debit card or e-wallet to pay online processing fees.
⦁ Upload online, on your OTA portal, all the facts listed in your Dubai Visit Visa form.
⦁ Get your Dubai Visa Status Online update in real-time and finally get your e-visa on your registered email identification

Bangladeshi Dubai Visa Procedure includes 4 fast steps:

  1. You must fill up the required visa details
  2. The processing fees can be paid online via NetBanking, credit, debit card, or even an e-wallet so that the processing fees can be executed online.
  3. To ensure that no detail is missed, you have to upload online all the documents listed in the requirement sheet. Dubai Visits Visa will then verify the accuracy of your documents and request that you resubmit your application to the consulate, if necessary.
  4. Your e-visa status can be tracked online until your registered identification is finally received by you.
  5. he processing time for Dubai visas for Bangladesh citizens can be as low as 24 hours. But you should expect to receive your Dubai e-visa within 3-4 working days. 


Some explanations why your application for a Dubai visa may be refused:

⦁ If you are a woman under 24 years old and you are going to travel alone, your visa may be delayed or refused, suspected of trafficking.
⦁ Your visas can be rejected if you have previous criminal records or fraud and misconduct in the UAE or India.
⦁ If you have had a residency visa from the UAE before and left without the visa cancellation. Before announcing a new tourist visa, the Public Relations Officer must have it canceled.
⦁ If your passports are not readable with the scanned copies and the UAE immigration suspected and the process for granting you a Dubai visa is rejected or delayed.
⦁ If your passport records you as a non-white collar professional, such as a worker, a farmer, etc. Your visa may be refused.
⦁ When a request is made for a visa, the application can be rejected or delayed for certain typos in the name, passport number, date of birth, issuance of passports, and expiry dates.
⦁ In case you have requested and have not used a tourist visa in Dubai. It must be canceled before you start looking for a new visa from the UAE before you apply for the OTA.
⦁ If an organization in the UAE has requested and not used an occupational visa. In such cases, the PRO itself must first withdraw its visa to apply for a new visa from Dubai.

You can expect to Apply Dubai Visit Visa and staff to update you on the status of your e-visa application from the UAE embassy, once you have applied for your visa and paid a processing fee, and have uploaded your visa documents.

Apply Dubai Visit Visa

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