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It is only a few hours away from Pakistan and is considered the best place to spend your holidays or holiday. Dubai is a favorite destination for Pakistanis. Over millions of Pakistani expatriated people live and work in the Dubai DXB UAE, if you wish to visit Dubai as a tourist or visit their families or friends rather than need an online visa. The process of visas is very easy. Just give your travel agent documents wherever in Pakistan and process them for 4-5 days. Whether you are visiting Dubai in 2021 on a visa or When Dubai Visit Visa Open for Pakistan and are looking forward to hearing information about Dubai visa regulations and the application procedure, you will be able to pay Dubai visa fees, your documents, and your processing time.

What are various visa types?

⦁ Visa for 90 days
The 90-day visa to Dubai is valid for 58 days from its issuance and allows you to visit UAE for no more than 90 days from the date of entry.
⦁ Long-term single entry visa, 90 days of leisure.
The duration of this visa for Dubai shall be 58 days and its final date of entry shall be 90 days.
⦁ EVisa 
Visitors to Dubai Visit Visa will be sent to the ability to register at Dubai Visits Visa and the applicant's email after their approval to pertain for the web visa. Visa registration applications shall be made for UAE nationals, expatriates resident in the UAE, GCC nationals living within the UAE, GCC residents and guests, families, friends and families, and staff.
⦁ Long-term visa multi-entry, 90 days
In contrast to the visa, the visa is a 58-day multi-entry visa and is restricted to 90 days from the date the initial entry to the UAE is received. 
⦁ Short-term multi-entry visa, thirty days
The visa is valid for 58 days and permits a 30-day stay from the entry date.
⦁ Visa (30 days) and visa (accompanied by the GCC) for 30 days.
The visa for the GCC resident shall be valid for 60 days from the date issued and, accordingly, shall be valid for 30 days after the date of entry except for an additional 30 days.
General documents are needed by Pakistan nationals for all types of visas:
⦁ Filter the applicant's signature correctly by completing the online application form
⦁ 2 recent photographs of 51mm (51x51mm) with a white background with DARK DRESS and a front view, no older than 3 months, no longer uniformly. Eyebrows are expected to be apparent. Ears, the chin of the front to be fully visible the background should be light blue for locals with candor. Photo clarity is very important – photos should not be edited, blurred, or unclear.
⦁ Photocopying the valid UAE Residence Visa site with original and existing passports.
⦁ National benchmark Pakistan Forms of FAX (ONE SET)
⦁ Copy of the Indian Visa if applicable.
⦁ Pakistan National Identity Card and Emirates ID Evidence of Residence –Tenancy contract Clear colored Copy (if tenancy contract is in Arabic then the legal translation is required)
⦁ / Bill of telephone / Electricity bill under the name of the requester – any of these.
⦁ If the tenancy contract is related to the applicant, a confirmation letter and copy of the passport are required.
⦁ If the candidate is not associated with the landlord, a confirmation letter and a passport copy are certified by the Dubai Courts.


Pakistan visa National:

  1. Documentary proof of the reasons for the trip. If you marry, you must attach a wedding invitation card to the application.
  2. Contractual agreements of relations with Indian contacts
  3. If the Indian sponsor is a friend, an Indian ID copy/passport is needed.
  4. If the spouse is Indian holder/kids with Indian parents, Indian copy of the wife's passport/parents, old Indian passport of their spouse, or spouse/parents' NOC.
  5. Copy of the certificate of marriage/bornness certificate attested.
  6. Original certificate of sponsorship duly certified in India. Know more on
  7. Certificate sponsorship certificate to be issued to the DM/SP/SDM/Tehsildar/BDO/SHO/Group —'A' Central and State Government Officers/Government Principal/Government Master/Principal or Govt Head Master of the School.


Additional Info:

1. Visit Visa shall be awarded to nationals of Pakistan with blood relatives or other legitimate purposes in India and shall be provided with documentary evidence to support it.
2. You are NOT entitled to visa applications for tourism/entry visas.
3. You should give your relative in India a fully verifiable address.
4. In particular, the application should indicate the port of arrival and the specifications of past visits to India, if any. The application must be completed in all aspects.
5. Documentary evidence is required to support applications for any other visa.
People willing to spend more than 14 days in Dubai can Apply Dubai Visit Visa, whether for pleasure or work. Visas for visiting Dubai for a period of 30 or 90 days can be collected and converted into a visa for employment or residence. A deposit from the local sponsor, relative, or any resident is also necessary other than the visa fee and is reimbursed once the visitor leaves the country successfully when visiting the UAE.

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