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The procedure for obtaining a Dubai Visit Visa for Indian Nationals is fairly straightforward. Any Indian going to Dubai must obtain an electronic travel authorization, or eta, which allows them to travel for a limited period. An Indian citizen is entitled to a Dubai Visit visa if his permit is valid for at least six months. If your travel to Dubai is for the trip purpose, you will need a single entry short-term visitor's visa that is valid for 30 days. However, you must first determine your intention of travel, whether this is solely for tourism, service, job, or research, as your Dubai Visit Visa requirements will differ depending on the category you choose.

Indians may apply for a visa in Dubai in four simple steps:

  1. Once you've determined your visa category, you'll need to fill out the necessary visa information and request a quote from your ota.
  2. You can comprehensive the Dubai Visit visa request process online and pay the meting out fee as well as the agent's instructions using net banking, credit or debit card, or an e-wallet.
  3. Make sure you submit all of the documents listed on the requirements sheet online; trying to make sure you don't forget anything. The ota will then check the authenticity of your documents and, if necessary, ask you to re-upload, before sending your submission to the consulate.
  4. You can monitor the status of your e-visa application online before you receive it all at your registered email address.

For Indian nationals, the time it takes to get a visa in Dubai could be as little as 24 hours. However, the processing time for your Dubai e-visa is typically 3-4 working days.


Indian citizens' visa types in Dubai:

Indians may apply for a variety of Dubai visa forms, including:

  • Time limit: 48 hours visa to join Dubai

This type of visa is good for a 48-hour stay but is a single entry visa that includes both the entry and exit dates. This is the best choice for those who want to visit the uae but just stay for a couple of days. This type of visa is often used by leisure travelers as a stopover on their way to their next destination.

  • Dubai visa (96-hour)

This passport copy for a total of 96 hours and is a valid entry visa that includes your entry and exit dates. Travelers who plan to stay for less than four days will benefit from this type of visa. This visa category would be for business travelers who have a few regular business meetings, are traveling point-to-point, or are stopping over on their way to their next destination.

  • Single-entry visa for a short period

This 30-day tourist visa is a valid entry visa that includes the dates of entry and departure. This type of visa has a 58-day entry validity period from the date of issue, and then you can prolong it twice for another 30 days each time. Aed 850 is charged each time the renewal is requested.

  • Dubai visa 90-days

This is a 90-day visa Dubai Visit Visa with a single entry that contains the arrival and departure dates. Travelers who plan to remain in the uae for an extended period, whether to visit relatives, friends, attend a family function, or for business training, may take advantage of this service. The visa's entry validity is 58 days after the date of issue, and it could be extended twice for another 30 days after you've completed the 90-day period for which it was issued. Any time you request an extension, you must pay aed 850.

  • Short-term visa with multiple entries

This is a multiple-entry visa with a 58-day validity period that can be extended twice for another 30 days per time. The aed 850 fee for each addition is the same. This visa invited me to visit the uae several times and remain for 30 days after the first visit.


What is the time of processing?

The cost of online visas is one of the most popular reservations. When it comes to visa processing, visa applicants have three choices, and the price depends on which one they choose. The following are the three choices:

  • Processing as normal, within 7 business days, and the request will be handled.
  • This time, if you need your online application processed quickly, it will only take 5 business days.
  • Choose this alternative if you need your uae visa with as little as three business days.

What documentation needed to submit my application?

Before you start filling out our application online, double-check that you have everything you'll need. What you must have is as follows:

  • Passports are required for all applicants, and they must be valid for at least another 6 months after their expected arrival date in Dubai. Otherwise, your submission may be turned miserable.
  • Only the papers were selected for your passport is required for a passport scan. Instructions for creating the best passport review for your submission can be found here.
  • Our visa specialists will need to have a digital photo of all applications to accomplish your application. Check to see if it was taken within the last six months and if it satisfies the photo criteria.
  • Your visa would be sent to you via e-mail if you apply via ivisa, so help ensure you have a correct e-mail address.
  • Ivisa supports a variety of payment types, including credit and debit cards.

The tourism boom in Dubai started in 2010 and shows no signs of abating! According to global media insights to Apply Dubai Visit Visa, 15.8 million foreign travelers visited this opulent destination in 2018, and you may be one of them. So get your Dubai Visit Visa for Indian Nationals and explore the beautiful nation.

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