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Apply Dubai Visit Visa for Belarus Nationals

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Millions of people want to visit Dubai to see the beautiful buildings, areas, skyline, mountains and many other amazing and interesting things present in Dubai. But before traveling to Dubai you need a Dubai visit visa. 

Dubai visit Visa 

The residents of the republic of Belarus-holders of diplomatic passports get an entrance visa upon appearance. 

Consular necessities for residents of Belarus 

The Department of Immigration and Naturalization of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Dubai is the regulatory body with the power to give visas to foreign residents. Visas given by the Department vary contingent upon the purpose behind the visit of foreign residents and the sort of visa.

Visa holders 

  1. 1.Holders of Dubai discretionary travel documents acquire visas.
  2. The holder of the Dubai passport is going to Belarus to work for the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Belarus, he should initially acquire an entry visa at the Embassy of Belarus in Abu Dhabi. 
  3. Residents of the Dubai-holders of customary visas or official travel reports reserve the option to enter Belarus without visa, and furthermore to travel through its domain. 
  4. Upon landing in the National Airport Minsk, clinical protection should be bought. 
  5. The allowed stay is 30 days from the date of appearance. 
  6. In the event of convenience in the inn, visitors are consequently enrolled inside three days from the snapshot of appearance. On account of convenience in lofts or different spots, the visitor should freely enroll at the Citizenship and Migration Authorities at the spot of stay inside five days. 
  7. Stay for over 30 days, the visitor should broaden the brief stay at the pertinent experts to get authorization to leave and to recharge the enrollment. 
  8. The transitory stay for Dubai residents is 90 days from the date of the main section in the scheduled year.

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Required documents 

1. Citizens of Belarus-holders of true, standard passports, as well as foreign residents for all time permanently dwelling in Belarus, should acquire a Dubai visa prior to going in the wake of giving the vital documents.

2.Letter from the candidate association organization expressing the reason for the outing.

3.Copy of the greeting invitation from Dubai.

4. Full location address in Dubai emirate, city, locale, road, house number, file, home telephone, office telephone, cell phone etc.

5.The candidate's passport ( for over a half year (6 months) after the finish of the trip.

6.One genuine coloured photograph of the candidate.

7.Application structure got at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates to the Republic of Belarus, finished and endorsed by the candidate as per the prerequisites of the Department of Immigration and Naturalization.

Important points to remember

The legislation of Dubai doesn't permit the issuance of visas to stateless people. (for instance, an identification without notice of citizenship or another movement record).

1.The entry visa should be obtained before the trip. 

2. Residents of the Republic of Belarus Foreign residents dwelling in the Republic of Belarus (aside from residents of nations with which Dubai has extraordinary arrangements, for example EU residents: residents of the Schengen nations get a Dubai visit visa upon appearance). 

3.If there should arise an occurrence of getting a e-visa from a Dubai sponsor required, which might be an official or private association or relative.

4.The sponsor bears full lawful obligation regarding the welcomed individual during their visit in Dubai.

5. a foreign resident should leave the country before the lapse of the visa, in any case the Control Department will be compelled to force, and furthermore to gather a fine for every day of postponement ro delay and to prohibit entrance to the region of Dubai. 

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Consular charge 

For holders of official and standard international IDs, the consular expense may vary.

Apply Dubai visit visa for Belarus citizens

Belarus citizens can apply for a Dubai visa through the Dubai visit visa for your convenience and 100% visa approval within hours. Please follow the steps given below to get a Dubai visit visa.

Step - 1 

1.Choose living and citizenship country you belong to

2.Pick your Dubai visit visa types

3.Fill the application form structure provided

4.Once completely filled the application form upload all documents.

Step - 2

1.Choose payment mode for Dubai visit visa

2.Pay Dubai visa fee via PayPal, credit card, debit card etc.

3.Get payment confirmation mail sent in registered email ID.

4.Get your application ID

Step - 3

1.Check Dubai visits visa status online

2.Once the visa is approved, download it via the link sent in your email ID

3.Verify Dubai visit visa

4. Get ready to fly to Dubai

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Belarus citizens please go and check all the detailed information provided by the government of Dubai to get vital information before applying for a Dubai visit visa. For  Belarus citizens it is recommended to apply for a Dubai visit visa through Dubai visits visa to get 100% visa approval within 42 to 72 hours and fewer documents required.

Apply Dubai Visit Visa

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