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Plan to visit the capital from that other emirate but are you not sure of the travel restrictions in Abu Dhabi in the face of a pandemic of coronavirus? As of 1 February 2021 persons traveling to the capital are required to abide by new rules of Can Dubai Visit Visa Holders Enter Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi residents arrive:

⦁ A negative PCR testing result is necessary for all residents of the UAE who arrive in Abu Dhabi within 96 hours of their arrival time.
⦁ Before booking travel, residents must also check their entry status.
⦁ A photocopy of its passport and residence visa is required by passengers arriving in Abu Dhabi (if applicable).
⦁ Every passenger has to visit the Abu Dhabi International Airport Health Check Desk where heat screening and a PCR test are performed.
⦁ The UAE track and trace programs, which provide test results, must be downloaded and enabled by all passengers to Mobile App. Apple and Android devices are available for the application.
⦁ When the majority of the passengers arriving in the town are required to isolate themselves for 10 days from Abu Dabi International Airport.
⦁ Free of quarantine for passengers who arrived from Abu Dhabi countries on the 'green list.'
⦁ Those who arrive in Abu Dhabi from a country with a high risk may need to isolate themselves in a government facility. 
⦁ A second PCR test is required for those who are in quarantine in Abu Dhabi on the ninth day. If negative, people may quarantine on the 10th day.
⦁ All incoming passengers in Abu Dhabi will be provided with an electronic bracketed strap, which is removed once they have completed quarantine and can show a negative PCR test result. In addition, quarantine guidelines are followed.


Abu Dhabi tourists arrive:

⦁ In December 2020, Abu Dhabi opened up again for international tourism.
⦁ A green list has been published and updated every two weeks to outline the countries from which passengers don't have to quarantine on arrival.
⦁ Abu Dhabi also processes Dubai Visit Visa for tourists from several countries on arrival.
⦁ Like residents, tourists must follow the above-mentioned quarantine guidelines, including 10-day self-insulation, an electronic strap, and the Ninth Day of the PCR test.
⦁ The hotel must collect a signed copy of the wellness declaration form for tourists quarantining in hotels.
⦁ When arriving in Abu Dhabi, tourists from regions on the "green list" must not quarantine.
⦁ Persons involved in phase three of the COVID 19 vaccine drug testing or in the National Vaccination Program do not have to travel from overseas in Abu Dhabi to quarantine.
⦁ However, when arriving in the UAE, PCR tests are necessary.

Abu Dhabi is entered by other emirates:

The 10 days quarantine period may be spent in other emirates (following the respective Emirates' protocols) before entering Abu Dhabi, both tourists as well as residents coming to other emirates.
You can enter Abu Dhabi with a negative COVID-19 test result from the last 40 hours if you arrived from outside the country and spent 10 days in the country before entering Abu Dhabi.
While you're in Abu Dhabi for less than 10 days, residents and tourists from abroad must quarantine and use an electronic bracelet to reach day 10, after they have arrived in Abu Dhabi.
A PCR test is necessary for electronic bracelet removal after 10 days on the ninth day.


Abu Dhabi tourists:

A PCR test is required for anyone flying out of the capital. No more than 96 hours before departure must be taken.
The cost of the test, except for passengers visiting China, is included in the flights booked between October and December 31 of this year. 
The tests can be performed between 48 and 96 hours before departure in center.
First-class and corporate passengers can choose to test at home by reserving the company website here.

The first day is arrival's day in Abu Dhabi:

On the first day of your arrival in Abu Dhabi, the testing depends on the days after. For instance, on Monday (day 3) for DPI (Dawn's) and on Tuesday (day 4) for PCR, if you plan to enter Abu Dabi on Saturday (day 1), and stay for three or more consecutive days.
In addition, PCR tests are obligatory on Monday/Tuesday and Friday/Saturday (day 7/8) for persons staying seven days or more full hours.
The NCEMA (NDU) has announced new rules of entry for Abu Dhabi effective 1 February 2021. Emergency, Crisis, and Disasters Committee in Abu Dhabi (NCEMA).
Under the updated entry rules, Dubai and its citizens and ex-pats, including returning residents, will now be able to enter Abu Dhabi within 48 hours after a negative PCR test (polymerase chain reaction) has been received or in 24 hours after the negative laser test results of DPI (diffractive interferometry). They are also required, depending upon the duration of their stay, to request greater PCR tests. So get the Dubai Visit Visa and explore the nation. 

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