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Dubai city is an electrified city regards every mode of view, it’s been luxuries, luminarias, beautiful and carrying must precious infrastructure. So, if Ireland citizens want to visit this city, they are been eligible to do so but need to be eligible for visa-type sanctions. Dubai city has been one of the most beautiful creation cities of the emirate’s country, it does not only offer a good job facility but must also permit the advantages like educations facilities, business build-ups, entrepreneurship opportunities, professional upbuilding’s, etc. 

On the other hand, Ireland has been the island city land for Wales on England’s coast, Dublin is been identify the capital city of Ireland. Shannon river has been the river land of Ireland. Halloween was been firstly celebrated in this country land. Moreover, it’s been a famous tourist land and its foods are delicious.

Dubai Visa 

The Ireland passport holders are been necessarily need a visa condition for the Dubai city visit. The Ireland Passport Holder is been offered a visa on arrival necessities for their traveling respective.

The visa periods are been offered by the Dubai embassy are been follows as: 

  • For the single visa entry- the Dubai embassy offers 30 days. and this visa type can be extended further, (after extending 2 times the applicant has to reapply for a new tourist visa application).
  • For Multiple visa entry- the Dubai embassy offers 90 days. and this visa type can be extended further, (after extending 2 times the applicant has to reapply for a new tourist visa application).
  • The Dubai embassy offers some nationalists free visa entry and also permits them a facility of free visa on arrival, but this period stands for 30 days.


Dubai Visa Applications 

Now for the Ireland Passport Holder what are the respective key factors that they should follow for the Dubai visa applications-

  • Always uploads the original scanned copies in your visa applications forms, (as the authenticity are been checked before granting the visa to the applicants, by the GDRFA authorities.
  • Applicants are been requested, that they should stay for those periods which are been legalized in the Dubai visa by the Dubai embassy authorities.
  • As per the news, it has been declared by the emirates embassy that after the visa gets expired some visas are been conditioned.
  • The GDRFA and GCC embassies are helping the residence holders of Dubai city who want to settle in the foreign emirate’s locations, as per the necessities.
  • The applicants should pay off their visa fees at the time of visa application by using any of the digital ways of paying.
  • Make a note: none of the visa types in Dubai city are been refundable.

Can I Travel To Dubai From Ireland?

The requirements for the Ireland passport holders for the Dubai city traveling are-

  • Ireland citizens must upload their passport documents in the applicant form.
  • Get the Ireland citizen's photographs documents in the applicant form.
  • The immigration certifications of Ireland citizens must be uploaded in the application form.
  • The Ireland citizens must present their medical documentation.
  • Their flight booking and reservation details are been the mandatory requirements for Dubai visa bookings.
  • Get all the relevant personal details that identify the applicant’s validity. 

Work Visa 

Work visas is been issued for those foreigners who are been willing to work in a foreign country. After the candidate got their work persistence then only the work visa type is been eligible for you. The work visa is been eligible for a term of 1 year, this visa type can be renewed and can be further extended. The work visa allows only single entry permits and is been available for application on the Dubai visits visa site.

Work Visa Requirement

The requirements for the Ireland passport holders for the work visa approvals are as follows -

  • The applicants have to submit their academic details in the application form.
  • The candidates must present their medical documentation in the application form.
  • As a work visa is an immigrant type, immigrant certifications are needful.
  • The work permits documents to need to be uploaded for the evidence purpose.
  • The work permitted applicant must upload their image in the application form.

Work Visa Apply

The work visa after being applied is been progress for the processing procedures. The work visa during the processing period checks for these validations:

  • Checks the applicant’s data and documents' authenticity.
  • Undergoes all the verification case studies like verifying the applicants' address locations, police verifications procedures are also been undertakes.
  • Will be conducted an interview session after being approved in that steps visa will be granted.


Dubai Visa Online

Now, which platform will you prefer for the visa bookings and then go for the Dubai visits visa site. This site is been preferred as it assures you:

  • With 100 percent privacy.
  • Verified authorized platform.
  • Server the customers in every possible way, with its 24/7 activates customized help support.
  • Assures you fast visa delivery.
  • And no delay in visa delivery to the applicant’s location.


It has been true that Ireland citizens need to persist a visa condition for their Dubai entry purpose, at the same time need to keep certain factors in mind so that they might not face visa refusal conditions. For all revelated visa info keep an eye on the Dubai visits visa site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they can cancel the cancel options depending on the applicant's needful, but extra cancelation charges will be charged, and also no money will be refundable.


The transit visa cannot be extended more than its conditioned periods due to the Dubai embassy rules and regulations police. 


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