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Methods to extend tourist visa in Dubai

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To enter Dubai, visa-free countries are the only one who has the freedom of travel inside the UAE without a visa. Some have to get an advance visa for Dubai according to their eligibility. Getting a visa online through a Dubai visit visa is not only the suitable one but it is also hassle-free. If your plans for staying in the United Arab Emirates are extending for more than the Dubai visa validity you are holding. Then the only way to stay in Dubai is to acquire a Dubai tourist visa extension. The tourist visa extension in Dubai is the extended visa. 


Dubai Tourist Visa Extension Online

Tourists who have plans to live in Dubai only for less than 90 days usually apply for Dubai three months visa. If you are applying online, then the options are not limited to one type of visa. You have around four to five options for a Dubai visa. Any type of Tourist Visa which is issued by the Dubai immigration department is extendable. So, all types of tourist visa extension in Dubai is possible.

The most convenient way to of Dubai tourist visa extension is the online process. The UAE government has eased down the extension process in UAE. Tourists don't have to leave UAE or visit the airport. Dubai tourist visa extension can be done via Dubai visit visa online website. Tourist visa extension in the United Arab Emirates can be renewed two times. This gives the chance to foreign nationals to stay longer in Dubai without paying overstay visa fines. Even if your travel plans change and you want to reside in Dubai for a few more days. Then after you have received an extension from the Dubai immigration department. You can travel more, and go to more beautiful tourist places in UAE.


  • Tourist visa holders in UAE
  • Visit visa holders in UAE
  • An applicant who has a pre-approved tourist visa.
  • Have enough funds

Not eligible:

  • GCC residents- they don't have to apply for tourist visa extension in Dubai, as they don't need visas.
  • If the foreign national is accompanied by the GCC nationals.
  • Special entry permit UAE holders
  • Mission entry permit holders (96 hours valid)
  • Transit visa holders

If the applicant has applied for a Dubai visa through Emirates airlines or other UAE-based airlines. Then, that applicant has to contact their airlines for a Dubai visa extension. Those who have obtained Dubai visas through a travel agent. They should contact their travel agent for a tourist visa extension.


Dubai tourist visa extension online steps

To apply for a Dubai tourist visa extension or visit visa extension. There are a few simple procedures one has to go through.

  • Open online website "Dubai visit visa".
  • Scroll down and select the nationality on the first page.
  • Click on "apply Dubai visiting visa". Then select the tourist visa extension type for Dubai. 
  • Select on "30 days visa extension" if you hold 14 days, 30 days, or 90 days permit. Multiple entry five years tourist visa holders can get a "90 days visa extension".
  • Fill Dubai Tourist Visa extension form
  • Upload documents
  • Pay USD 600 i.e; the extension fee for 30 days. Pay USD 800.0 i.e; the extension charge for 90 days. 
  • After successful payment renewed tourist visa will be sent to the applicant's e-mail address.

Airport to Airport Dubai Tourist Visa extension

The airport to airport tourist visa extension can cost around AED 500 or more excluding visa charges. You can fly to the nearest country and extend your tourist visa. There is no need to travel around back to your native country for the Dubai Tourist Visa extension. Travel to the departure point of the other country. And after reaching you can fly back to Dubai. Then after entering Dubai, you can apply for a visit visa or tourist visa again. But, you have to leave Dubai for the airport to airport tourist visa extension. The process is simple, but traveling out of UAE and flying back again can be costly. 

Border Run

If someone wants to extend a tourist visa through this process. Then they have to travel outside the UAE border. And then they can apply for a new UAE visa on the Oman border. Then they can enter Dubai with the new visa issued to them at borders. This is suitable for tourists holding Dubai visas on arrival.

DNRD office

Tourists who do not want to go to nearby countries or borders. Then they can apply for a Dubai Tourist Visa extension via DNRD main office. 



Dubai Tourist Visa extension is the most suitable way for foreign nationals who are not eligible for visa-free entry or visa on arrival entry. Dubai Tourist Visa extension can be done twice by paying USD 600 each time. Apply visa Dubai visit visa website for secured money transfer and fast processing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, transit visas obtained online, or at the airport can are not extendable. The person holding a Dubai transit visa should leave before the validity expire.

No, tourist visa extension application in Dubai is only approved if the individual has 6-month valid passport.

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