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All You Need to Know About Dubai Temporary work permit

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Most residents and expatriates do not know that doing part-time jobs in UAE is legal. If you are already working somewhere in UAE on a work permit. If you want extra income. Then you have the chance to do a part-time job after fulfilling certain important stipulations. You will also need a temporary work permit or part-time work permit to do two jobs simultaneously. The temporary work permit in UAE is issued to the expatriates by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. The main motive of providing temporary work permits to UAE residents or foreign workers for a specific job. The expatriates who already have jobs, do not have to leave their previous job. 


Temporary work permit eligibility 

If you want to obtain Dubai temporary work permit. Then you must fulfill the eligibility criteria for a temporary work permit.

  • Age limit- the age limit for the applicants willing to apply for a temporary work permit must be above 18 years. If your age is between 15 to 18 years. Then you can get a Juvenile work permit in UAE for part-time work. Residents or Expatriates who are more than 65 years of age are also not eligible for a temporary work permit.
  • Only UAE residents or Expatriates currently working in the United Arab Emirates are eligible for a temporary work permit.
  • If you are a visitor or tourist are not eligible for a temporary work permit. If you are on a tourist visa and want to work in any company inside UAE. Then you can change your tourist visa status to the work visa status after canceling your tourist visa.


After issuance, UAE temporary work permit can be used by the employee for 6 months. After the validity period of the temporary work permit is over. An employee cannot do the temporary job after the expiry date. This visa is issued to workers only on a temporary visa in Dubai and other cities of UAE.

 UAE temporary work permit application steps

  • To get a temporary work permit in UAE, you must have a temporary job. 
  • The employer can hire the UAE resident temporarily for a project or any specific activity. 
  • The employer has to sponsor and apply for UAE temporary work permit.
  • To apply online, the employer can visit MOHRE's official webpage for a temporary work permit
  • Or the employer can visit a nearby TASHEEL service center to apply for an employee temporary work permit in UAE.
  • The application and documents must be submitted for a temporary work permit.
  • After processing MOHRE will issue a temporary work permit to the applicant that will stay valid for six months.


Temporary work permit requirements in UAE

Expatriates who are already employed should take permission from their current employer. Documents needed are:

  • UAE resident visa- As one must be a resident of the country to apply for UAE temporary work permit. A copy of the employee or applicant's UAE valid resident visa is required. Applicant should renew a resident permit if it is about to expire. After renewal applicant can apply for a temporary work permit.
  • Passport- Working expatriate or resident should give their national passport copy.
  • Photo- clear one and white background is preferred.
  • Employment contract- the copy of the employment contract where the applicant will be working temporarily.
  • Employee academic certificates- According to the job or project one going to perform.
  • Trade license permit copy of the first company
  • Valid trade license copy of the new company
  • Labor card copy
  • NOC- working Expatriates should submit a no-objection certificate signed by the cost job employer (full-time employer). Your employer must not have any problem. The employer must be informed that you are doing a second job on a temporary basis.

For non-registered MOHRE UAE residents

If you don't have a labor card or you haven't registered with MOHRE yet. Then they can also apply for a temporary work permit. They are eligible if:

  • If they wanted to apply for a temporary work permit and are working in the government sector.
  • If you are a student above 18 years. And you are staying in UAE under your parent's sponsorship or university sponsorship. Your visa must be a student visa.
  • Female who are in UAE on a family visa. Female Expatriates who are under relatives or family sponsorship.
  • Spouse or husband of the UAE female citizen.
  • Dependents and children of the United Arab Emirates citizens.



The Dubai temporary work permit is only suitable if one has to work only for a limited time. UAE residents can only work up to 6 months. The immigration department and DNRD department do not issue a temporary work permit. You have to apply via MOHRE for a temporary work permit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The total fee you have to submit for Dubai temporary work permit is AED 600. The application for a temporary work permit is AED 100. The approval cost is AED 500.

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