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Investor visas in Dubai are also known for partner visas in Dubai names. Dubai Investor Visa are ideal for ex-pats from abroad who wish to begin their own business or invest in an existing enterprise. Visas for an investor from Dubai are valid for 3 years, enable the holder to work and live in Dubai, and can sponsor others. The visa of the investor from Dubai grants the holder the right, for the duration of the visa, to live in the UAE and to go and visit. A Dubai Investor Visa holder becomes the UAE's tax residence, not a taxable nationality, but is subject to the domestic regulations of the investor. Dubai Investor Visa holders are eligible for a card from Emirates, a bank account, a UAE driving license, a moving package, and several other services.

Documents for a visa to investors from Dubai:

To initiate or invest in a company in mainland Dubai, the documents required to submit when applying for a business visa are as follows.

  • Staff photographs (White Background)
  • Contract immigration card 
  • The recent 3 months bank statement
  • Passport Memorandum of association 
  • Trade license 
  • Partnership agreement Immigration card.


Visa procedure in Dubai:

Obtaining a Dubai Investor Visa or changing its status has become an easy process since the beginning. Centers can be found at different places in the city and all visa services are available in Dubai.

Free zone of company Dubai investor visa:

Furthermore, Dubai encouraged the introduction of the Emirate in free areas or free trade zones for foreign investment and economic activity. These are areas in which businesses that operate are exempt from taxation, such as VAT, and foreign nationals have 100 percent company ownership. Persons investing in or establishing a free zone company can also apply for Dubai Partner Visa and their sponsor is the Free Trade Area.
However, for owners and investors of Free zone companies, the process of applying for the Dubai Investor Visa differs. Depending on the free area in which the company is located, the nature of the business, the application process, and the cost vary. We recommend that you contact the respective free area to find out more about Dubai's free investment visa. For more information regarding the application procedure, we recommend it.

What about the 10th and 5th years in Dubai?

Apart from the three-year visa of an investor in Dubai, a visa of 10 years for investors in Dubai and 5 for immobilizers, among others, was recently implemented by the UAE. These UAE long-term visas were welcomed by owners and investors who will give those who live here a greater sense of permanence.
However, according to the recent update from GDRFA-Dubai, all General Investors with assets nor Immobility Investors with the property are not eligible for long-term visas in Dubai. The 5 years and 10-year Investor Dubai Visa will only be issued if the applicable authority is eligible for the visa to those who fulfill additional criteria.


Residence visa for investor’s author:

You can also get a visa of the investor to reside in the UAE under the necessary conditions after you invest in the UAE.
Investment in the immovable area approved by the Government should be higher. Upon purchase of the property, a residential visa valid for 2 years may be re-acquired as long as the property is owned.

How can one apply for a visa from the UAE Investor?

Normally, all foreigners requesting a UAE visa must be sponsored by somebody in the UAE, such as their employer (for work or school visas) (for student visa). However, you can apply for a VAE long-term residency visa without the need for a sponsor.
⦁ The registered company is your sponsor for UAE Investor Visa
⦁ The property you buy or invest in is your sponsor for UAE Property Visa.
A Dubai Investor Visa has to be applied from foreign nationals who want to establish themselves in the Dubai Emirate. Because Dubai is simply one of the UAE countries, the method is the same as above for applying for an Investor Visa for Dubai. Naturally, the only difference is that you are directly applicable to Dubai's GDRFA offices, not in another emirate such as Abu Dhabi.


Investor Visa holding benefits:

An investment visa gives the visa holder certain advantages. Let's look at them: 
⦁ Investment and profit 100% repatriation made
⦁ There are no corporate taxes.
⦁ The investor is entitled to recruit internationally
⦁ Victory validity may be extended
⦁ UAE Investor Visa also provides a clear path to obtain a visa.
⦁ Having an Investor Visa facilitates the opening of a UAE company bank account
⦁ The investor can hold an Emirates ID flexibly

Funding is one of the most significant items a company needs to stabilize itself. No company can settle or have a strong basis without adequate funding, and that is where the investor gets to the table. An investor is one of the key actors behind the foundation of an enterprise providing the business lifeline when in Dubai. The concept of globalization allowed companies to extend their businesses in other regions and go beyond national borders. So get your Dubai Visit Visa and explore Dubai. 

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