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Everything you should know about employment visa labor fraud and visa fraud

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Before signing any employment contract with your employer in UAE. Or taking any job in the United Arab Emirates on an employment visa. Ensure that the employer has given you valid documents. The employer must give a proper offer letter to any foreign nationals he/she want to hire. Working in the United Arab Emirates is a good idea. UAE is the topmost country which is known for high-quality life and the best working environment. Employees do not have to work 6 days a week in UAE. Expatriates just have to work  4 and a half days a week (Monday to Thursday and Friday). But before starting your life in UAE as an employee. You should meet certain requirements first to be eligible for a UAE employment visa.


Why is UAE Employment Visa Required?

To work legally in UAE with company or employer sponsorship, UAE Employment Visa is required. The visa policy strictly states that no foreign employee can work inside the country without a UAE employment visa. According to the employment visa rules in UAE, there is a strict visa process that must be completed. Expatriates must not work under a tourist visa in UAE. Even expatriates hold visit visas for 90 days or 30 days. Then too he/she must avoid working under a visit visa as it is considered an illegal act. If you have entered the UAE on a visit visa or tourist visa. Then there are only a few ways to get an employment visa in UAE without leaving the country. Foreign nationals should change their tourist visa to an employment visa, after getting a job in UAE.

What can happen when someone is caught working on a tourist visa in UAE?

  • Anyone caught working in any company in UAE without a work visa. Then AED 50,000 charge can be charged on that employee.
  • Expatriates working in UAE on a tourist visa may have to leave their job.
  • May not be allowed to re-enter UAE again in the future.
  • Huge penalties and sometimes deportation.


Things Expatriates must know about visa fraud and labor fraud:

If you are going to the United Arab Emirates for initiating your new career. Then you should know about labor fraud and visa fraud.

  • Foreign nationals hired by the employer in UAE may be subjected to labor fraud. Employers may defraud expatriates by offering them fake hope for great opportunity, a nice package, fewer working hours, or more.
  • Before initiating all the work visa procedures. Ensure your employer or the organization you will be working for has sent you the valid employment offer letter. The offer letter is only considered if it is issued by the UAE MOHRE. 
  • The second thing you can do to avoid labor fraud can be done from your home country before leaving. Go to the nearby UAE embassy in your native country or home country. Then you can ensure and check the validity of the offer letter from the UAE embassy.
  • You can also visit the main website of MOHRE to ensure the job offer letter validity. You can check it using the offer letter number. The legitimate offer letter number starts with ST followed by a digit.
  • You should also check whether the employment visa sends to you by your employer is original or fake. If you are visiting Dubai, then the employment visa validity and its verification can be done online via GDRFA official website. For Abu Dhabi and other Emirates in UAE, the verification can be done via e-channel platforms.
  • According to the UAE labor law, all the expenses for recruitment are carried out by the employer or the sponsor.
  • To check whether the company or organization hiring you is legal or not. You can visit the "National Economic Register" website. Search the company or organization name on this official site.
  • Only freelancers get a Freelancer permit without any employer. Another employer must get a work permit or visa under employer sponsorship.
  • After the person has entered UAE then only a residence visa is provided.



Before grabbing any job opportunity in UAE, foreign nationals should be aware. So they do not have to face any labor fraud after reaching UAE. Check the eligibility and validity of the offer letter and employment visa through the Official website. To get Dubai Visa visit Dubai Visit Visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can identify if the job offered to you by an employer in UAE, if:

  • You got the job with a very high package and too many benefits.
  • You were selected without any skills related to the job.
  • You didn't go through an interview. You didn't submit a job application.
  • You don't have any idea about job details.
  • Your employer asked you to submit recruitment charge, processing, charge, placement charge, etc.
  • If your employer asks for your bank details like credit card details.
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