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Dubai Airport is now providing an innovative and unique showroom experience for its travellers. The showroom, which is called “The Gallery”, is meant to provide a space where people can come to view the latest products from luxury brands. The Gallery currently has 26+ different brands represented, and more are planned to be added in the future. Some of the brands that are currently featured include Hublot, Bvlgari, and Christofle. The idea behind the showroom is to give travellers luxurious and comfortable efforts. Dubai Airport has unveiled its new showroom experience, which gives the tourist the chance to view and buy luxury items from top brands. The new showroom, which is located in the departures area of Terminal 3, offers a range of products from fashion and accessories to cosmetics and technology. Brands on offer include Mont Blanc, Bvlgari, Apple, Sony, Prada, and Nike. The showroom is open round-the-clock, and interested passengers can either browse items on display or order them for a home purchase.



Duty-free shops are retail businesses located in major airport' departures areas. They sell locally made items that are free from municipal taxation. This occurs on the premise that such things are owned by foreign visitors who might transport them from outside. International migrants purchase products from duty-free shops at the airport because they are tax-free.


At Dubai Duty-Free, visitors may pick from a wide selection of high-quality spirits, wines, and liquors, or you can visit one of its Le Clos boutiques located around the airport, in which you can personalise your bottles and sample chosen wines and spirits before purchasing them. La Casa Del Habano in the Sheikh Rashid Terminal also has a large assortment of Cuban cigars. During January and September of last year, 11.6 million cigars were bought, according to Dubai Duty-Free. Check out the duty-free limits for each nation below. You may also spend hours wandering the aisles, soaking oneself in the fragrances of the many high-end brand perfumes available at Dubai Duty-Free stores. Choose from classics like Clarins and Lancome, or try something new from Givenchy and Versace, attempt anything fresh. Perfume purchases surpassed USD 300 million in 2017, making it the perfect category at Duty-Free counters.


If you have a sweet tooth and a fondness for chocolates, the Dubai Duty-Free sector is heaven for you. Confectionery, as well as Arabic and Western chocolate brands, are widely accessible. In addition, if you're travelling alone, you'll have a selection of chocolate bars and packets, as well as gift packages if you want to bring something back to the house for special friends and family. A 400-gram Toblerone white chocolate bar costs roughly 51.50 AED, a 1-kilogram box of M&M's Peanut Party chocolate currently costs 66 AED, and a 200-gram wooden treat bag of Al Nassma sweets currently costs 169 AED. 



Arabic scents have a distinct and exotic aroma that sets them apart and makes them easily recognisable. They provide the customer with the impression of sumptuous grandeur while also providing the comfort of a millennium-long history. Perfumes and scents have grown to play an important part in the daily lives of Arabic people. These are among the world's oldest civilisations that have included fragrance in their daily lives. Perfumes have been utilised in Arabian civilization for over 5,000 years. In practice, antique Arabian perfume has received a lot of attention in the current fragrance industry. Arabic scents have a unique and exotic fragrance that sets products apart and makes them easily recognisable. They, therefore, provide customers with the impression of sumptuous grandeur while also providing the relaxation of a thousand years of history. Perfumes and scents had grown to play an indispensable role in the everyday lives of Arabic people. This is among the world's oldest civilisations that have included fragrance into their daily lives. Perfumes have been utilised in Arabian civilization for over 5,000 years. In practice, antique Arabian perfume has received a lot of attention in the current fragrance industry.


Cigarettes appear to be the most popular items purchased at a duty-free shop. A reputable duty-free shop must retain a few of the top brands and unique cigarettes in stock. Cigarettes are generally subject to a hefty tax, so buying them from a duty-free outlet makes perfect sense. Travellers using DXB Gates A, B, and C, as well as those on the upper level at Gate D, will find a range of stores selling premium and low-cost cigarette brands. Gauloises Blondes Filter, Camel Filter, Marlboro Filter, and many other brand names are offered at discounted costs.


People who have not purchased gold from the Gold Souk or who are in transit can do so at Dubai International airport. Gold is an everlasting commodity, as well as the gold offered here, is far less expensive than in other major cities. Bright gold ornaments for the family and friends may be purchased here. The variety of gold jewellery on exhibit will amaze visitors, and you may even negotiate at the stores for a great deal. The price of gold in this country is roughly AED210 per gram at the current rate.


Dry fruits are not always lightweight meals that can be eaten when travelling, but they are also rich in many nutrients. You'll discover many of these healthful snacks in the duty-free category. Dubai is well-known for its high-quality dry fruits and delectable mixes of nuts, dates, honey, and jaggery. At moderate costs, you may get an excellent selection of exotic and top-grade dried fruits. Do not waste your money finding the best dry fruits anywhere, rather buy amazing quality dry fruits and a pack of exotic Dubai dates, which are famed worldwide for their texture and flavour.


If the thought of olives gets your mouth swimming, then you must buy some top-grade olives, which are offered at most of the Mediterranean restaurants here. There are over 600 different types of There are several types of olives around the globe, with each quality and aroma. However, the public only understands them as 'black' and 'green.' The nicest types of black and green olives may be found at Dubai Airport. Ocean Basket is a well-known South African restaurant business that specialises in Greek cuisine and outstanding fish dishes. You may buy several wonderful olives from that at very inexpensive pricing.



The Dubai Airport showrooms atmosphere is one not to be missed. That's a great chance to see the most recent luxury merchandise and services. The store contains everything from the most recent planes to some of the most gorgeous furnishings. At the Dubai Airport Showroom, you can experience the newest shopping trends while also relaxing in a modern and luxurious setting. This is the ideal spot to locate one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family or to just treat yourself to some new wardrobe items. You may learn more about the Showroom and its offers by checking our website. We hope to see you soon! 

If you're travelling through Dubai Airport, be sure to check out the new showroom experience! You can now shop for your favourite luxury brands without having to leave the airport. With a wide selection of brands to choose from, you're sure to find something you love. Experience the showroom experience at Dubai Airport now! 

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