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how to get 90 days multiple entry dubai visit visa

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With open arms, a city obsessed with superlatives welcomes all. A section of Dubai is modern and carefully designed; while another tells the tale of Dubai's mysterious past. In the past and the present, there is a vast range of possibilities waiting to be discovered. A single-entry or multiple-entry Dubai visa is valid for 90 days. A 90 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visit Visa from the date of your arrival to the date of your departure, Dubai allows you to enter once and stay for 90 days. It is favored by those who have family in Dubai or who intend to travel extensively in the UAE. The validity of a 90-day Dubai Visit Visa is 58 days from the date of issue, and it can be extended twice for another 30 days after the initial 90-day period has expired.

Apply 90-Day Visit Visa for Dubai:

To apply for a 90-day visit visa to Dubai, go to the UAE visa application center, submit your necessary documentation and visa application pay the fees, and wait for the visa to be processed. Via Dubai Visits Visa, you can also apply for a visa online. The processing of your visa application normally takes 3-5 days. You'll also need to request copies of your passport and airline ticket, as well as a couple of passport-size photos, along with your visa application. You will also be required to send a covering letter stating the reason for your visit to the UAE.


Sponsoring a 90-day Visit Visa to Dubai:

Your 90-day visit visa to Dubai can be sponsored by an approved travel agency, hotel, or UAE national airline. If you have used the services of Dubai Visits Visa, they will gladly help you obtain a visa so that you can visit the country and use their services. If you have a family member or friend who already lives in the UAE, you may ask them to support your visa. They must apply for your visa at the UAE embassy in their region. They will give it to you once they receive it, and you will be able to use it to reach Dubai from your home country. Your host will need to send a copy of his or her passport, proof of residency, and an invitation letter when sponsoring your 90-day visit visa to the UAE.

Visa on Arrival for 90 Days:

Some countries' citizens can get a 90-day visa on arrival, which can be extended. South Korea, Argentina, the Bahamas, the Solomon Islands, and Nauru are among these nations. Nationals of the aforementioned countries must have regular passports with six-month validity.

Documents required for a visa application to Dubai:

⦁ Return flight ticket that has been verified (not compulsory before applying for the visa).
⦁ Color scans of the first and last pages of your passport.
⦁ Color scanned copy of your passport picture. Avoid taking images that are blurry or vague.
⦁ A color scan of your pan card


Additional documents are available for a 90-day visa in Dubai:

⦁ The ticket for a flight to Dubai has been confirmed.
⦁ Copies of the passports of friends and family who live in Dubai.
⦁ Evidence of friends/relatives who live in Dubai.
⦁ Friends/relatives in Dubai have written an invitation note.
⦁ 2 friends/relatives in Dubai with alternate local contact details.

Apart from the documents mentioned above, immigration may request additional documentation if it is deemed necessary.


Apply Dubai Visit Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, indeed. Licensed travel agents are permitted to sponsor your 90-day visit visa to Dubai. In reality, they make the process of applying for a visa much simpler and quicker than it would be otherwise. They will also review your paperwork and make any necessary changes to ensure that your visa application is not denied. Simply give your documents to your travel agent, who will take care of the rest.
You may Apply Dubai Visit Visa with multiple entries online, allowing you to enter and exit the UAE multiple times during that period. The 58-day entry validity of the Dubai tourist visa 90 days is calculated from the date of issue. When applying for this 90-day Dubai visa online, keep in mind that it can be extended twice for a total of 30 days.

You'll need a photocopy of your passport's first and last pages, as well as proof that it's valid for at least six months. You must also provide evidence of return flights to and from the UAE. A color photocopy of your PAN card and a color copy of your passport-size photograph taken against a white background must also be submitted.

The duration of your entry is 58 days from the date of the question, regardless of whether you have chosen a single or multiple entry 90-day visit visas. This visa can be extended twice for a total of 30 days.

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