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common reasons for dubai visit visa rejection

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Dubai Visit visa applications are examined at customs, and the Common Reasons for Dubai Visit Visa Rejection have the absolute authority to refuse them. When a Dubai visa application is denied, the reason for the denial is often disclosed and most of the time kept confidential by the Consulate. You must follow the directions of the visa specialist in charge of your processing to ensure that your Dubai Visit Visa is not denied during the processing stage.

Rejection of a Dubai visa is popular for a variety of reasons:

  • Incomplete applications

Completed or false applications, passports with less than six months validity remaining, damaged passports, pending papers, a discrepancy between the date of arrival on the form and the date of travel on the air ticket, and other errors can lead to rejection. Furthermore, differences between the information given on the application form and the information on the passport will result in visa rejection.

  • Solo Female Traveler

A woman under the age of 25 who travels alone can face a visa approval delay or even rejection. Dubai has a strict policy prohibiting women under the age of 25 from traveling without their parents, husbands, or guardians.

  • Have you overstayed your previous Dubai visa?

If a visa applicant overstays his or her previous stay in the UAE, the application can be delayed or rejected. Many people visit Dubai for tourism and then remain in the UAE after their Dubai Visit visa expires; this is known as overstaying and is punishable by fines and penalties.

What if you remain in the UAE after the grace period has expired and are unable to pay the overstaying fees? 


Any of the subsequent scenarios may happen:

  1. Your name will be included on a blacklist.
  2. Experiencing an Immigration Ban
  3. You could spend up to three months in prison.
  4. A removal order could be served against you.
  • Passports that are handwritten

Handwritten passports are no longer allowed in the UAE or anywhere else in the world. Applicants with the same name and date of birth can experience delays in processing or even rejection after the extensive examination.

  • Errors in the framework 

You can be rejected if the paperwork you send for the visa contains typos or errors in the number(s), name, spelling, codes, and other essential information such as date of birth, passport issue, and expiry date.

  • No previous visa cancellations in the UAE

If you previously had a residential visa and refused to have it revoked before fleeing the state for good, the authorities will reject your application for a tourist visa. A person's previous residency visa must be cleared with the UAE immigration department in this situation.

  • Applying for a visa before entering the country

If you applied for a Dubai Visit visa before but did not fly. Some people had a prospective employer apply for an employment visa on their behalf but did not enter the country during the visa validity period. In this scenario, they must first get their previous visa cleared in immigration by a PRO or agency before applying for another.

  • Photocopies of blurred passports or photographs

If the photocopies or images you attached to your application are fuzzy, the UAE authorities will almost certainly postpone, if not refuse, your visa.

  • The passport's profession

If the stated occupation is considered "unskilled" by Dubai's standards, the visa can be refused. Farmers, laborers, and others have been known to be denied visas by the UAE authorities.

  • Previous Criminal Offense 

Applicants who have a criminal record in the UAE, such as misconduct, fraud, or the like, will have their visa applications denied by UAE immigration. A popular blacklist is used by the UAE and Gulf countries to prevent criminals from entering the country.

  • In the family, there is a similar identity.

If you're traveling with family and many members of your family share the same name or date of birth, you may face a visa denial or delay. For example, if a family of five files their paperwork together and two individuals have the same name or date of birth; they may need to resolve the issue before receiving approval.

There may be other factors that lead to a Dubai Visit visa denial, but many of them fall under the above-mentioned parameters. Here are some things you should do to stop rejection if you want to have some chance of having the denial reversed or a second application approved:

  • When applying for a Dubai Visit visa, make sure the passport is valid for at least six months.
  • Make sure that all of the fields are properly filled out. Make sure there are no factual or spelling errors.
  • All of the documents you send should be legitimate.
  • Before applying for a new Dubai visa, make sure your old visa is no longer valid.


The final decision on whether or not your Dubai Visit visa will be approved or rejected is made to Apply Dubai Visit Visa. If you are uncertain about the citizenship process, it is best to enlist the help of a travel agent. They are experts with the necessary experience and expertise to assist you with your visa application. When all of your hopes and aspirations were wrapped up in that decision, a visa rejection could be devastating. A minor blunder can stymie the visa approval process and allow the denial of your Dubai Visit visa application. Travel plans have been ruined, as have dreams of reuniting with distant relatives and colleagues.

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