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Top 10 Items that are Banned in Dubai

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While traveling to the United Arab Emirates you should be careful what things you can take. And you should know about what's banned in UAE. There are some items and goods which must not be taken to the United Arab Emirates. Or before taking it for a certain reason, you should take special permission from the relevant authorities. Expatriates, visitors, and tourists can face imprisonment, court trial, fine, or penalty in case of violation. If the immigration officer finds any visitor traveling with banned items to UAE. Then the authority has the right to send them back or can also take strict legal actions.


Top Banned Items In UAE

Some of the banned items in the UAE which should be taken care of while traveling to the UAE via airlines or visiting the country are:

1) Medicines and drugs 

You should be cautious if you are carrying any medicines or drugs with you to UAE from your native country. Many foreign nationals but medicine from their native country in less amount. And have to face penalties and legal problems in UAE. As some of the Medicines and drugs are completely banned in UAE. Like:

  • Tramadol- Visitors must not carry this drug as carrying it to UAE is illegal. If your doctor has prescribed you this medicine. Then it is best to bring the original or copy of the doctor's prescription letter.
  • Drugs like Aripiprazole, ACTIVELLE, ADOL compound, ALGAPHAN, ANEXATE, etc.
  • You should not take any of the banned narcotic drugs to the United Arab Emirates.
  • Before taking any medicine check first that its substances do not contain banned substances.
  • To bring doctor prescribed narcotic drugs to UAE foreign nationals should take permission from the Ministry of Health. Banned medicines can only be brought if the person has medical reasons and prescriptions in limited quantity.
  • Tourists can bring psychotropic drugs for three months of usage only. Resident can bring only for one month. 
  • Betel leaves, niswar, and qat leaves are Also Banned.

2) Agricultural Products And Food

  • Importing agricultural products like seeds, seedlings, etc can only be done. If you have taken the permission for importing agricultural products to UAE through the Ministry of Climate and Environment.
  • Home-cooked food must not be carried to the airlines while visiting UAE.
  • If you are carrying food to the flight then you can only carry a limited amount of food like:
  • Yogurt, honey, drinks, sugar products, water, or curd- 20Kg
  • Oil- (not more than 50 liters)
  • Fish, seafood, bread, vegetables, fruits, children's food, and sweets- only up to 10 kg.
  • Dates, caviar, and saffron- 500gm
  • Cannes food items- not more than 25 kg.
  • Cereals or red meat- 30 kg
  • Chemical fertilizers
  • Organic fertilizers


3) Endangered animals

  • Importing or bringing endangered species of birds or animals is strictly prohibited.
  • Pet animals like dogs can be imported to UAE after taking permission.

4) Weapons

Don't bring any kind of destructive items to UAE like:

  • Gun
  • Ammunition
  • Gun belts
  • Take permission from MOI if you have to take a weapon for a special purpose.

5) Smoking substances and alcoholic drinks

Only 18 years above passengers are allowed to take cigarettes and alcohol. 

  • Alcohol - not exceeding 4 liter
  • Cigarette- 400

6) Pornography videos and films are completely banned in UAE, avoid taking them to the country.

7) Products from the banned nation

Passengers or visitors should not bring products, items, or goods from boycotted nations. Like bringing in goods from Israel is banned. 

8) Ivory

Don't bring rhinoceros horn to the United Arab Emirates. Visitors also can not import elephant ivory or crude ivory.

9) Tools

Do not bring gambling tools. Foreign nationals should not bring radiation pollution substances to UAE. Don't carry unauthorized tools like laser pens to UAE. 

10) Publications

Any magazine, publication, or artwork must not be carried to the United Arab Emirates which contradicts the Islamic values or teachings.



The above-mentioned items are some of the top banned items in the UAE. Foreign nationals can be jailed or have to pay a fine if caught violating the rules or carrying any of the banned substances. Carrying narcotic drugs without medical reasons to UAE is a serious criminal offense. So now that you know about the banned items in Dubai, plan your trip and Get your Dubai Visa from Dubai Visits Visa. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign nationals visiting UAE should not drink in open or public areas. It is an Islamic country, and drinking is strictly prohibited for Muslims. You can drink in a pub, bar or restaurant. You can face penalties or can be deported if you drink out in public areas.

No, importing port or bringing haram items to UAE must be avoided. 

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