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How to Apply 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

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One of the busiest airports in the world is in the United Arab Emirates. Passengers need to travel to the International Airport of Abu Dhabi or Dubai. The Dubai transit visa is one of many types of Dubai Visa that you can avail of. A traveller requires a visa for Dubai Transit, Abu Dhabi Transit, or UAE Transit for that purpose. The Dubai Transit Visa application is based on different nationalities with different criteria. The UAE-based airlines but also Emirates can apply for a transit visa. Dubai Transit visa will always be helped by the airlines. The Etihad Transit visa is the other airline visa you can earn. In this article, we have jotted down all the information regarding how to Apply for 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa. So read and find out.

48-hour Visa Transit Insights:

This kind of transit visa is available for passengers travelling to UAE airports. Before you travel to the UAE, you must apply for and obtain a transit visa for Dubai. Visa services are available via UAE-based airlines or online UAE. The visa cannot be extended or renewed. This visa is up to 48 hours valid. Therefore, ensure that in 48 hours you leave the UAE.

48 hours transit visa requirements of Dubai:

When you decide to stay at Dubai International Airport Terminal, you have to apply for a 48-hour transit visa from Dubai then the next step is to check the required conditions and to make sure you have your records intact to apply from one place. Dubai Visits Visa has made the process of applying for just some documents much easier, and the following documents can be obtained:
  • The passport is valid

You can never apply for a visa using a passport that is not valid. Make sure that it is so valid that six more months will be left for the passport to become invalid even after you enter the country. If that is not the case, make sure that you take the steps to do so. You may apply for a new passport or you may renew it.

  • Tickets for the final destination
You should prove and submit your flight tickets from and to Dubai to be eligible for a transit visa application.
  • Booking of the hotel
A request form shall be provided to reserve a stay in one of the Dubai hotels during your transit period.
  • Payment procedure 
Ensure that you have a means of paying for the due visa for a 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa.
  • Your address is your email
Give your email address to send you your visa and commute to Dubai and apply for it when you arrive. You can now easily apply for the Dubai Transit Visa 48 hours after your arrival at the airport using these documents.

How can I apply for a 48-hour visa from Dubai?

  • The transit visa to Dubai for 48 hours is an online visa with minimum document requirements.
  • You only need to send your documents to the Dubai Visits Visa with a complete visa application and receive your visa via e-mail in 2-3 business days.

Transit Visa Duration & Enlargement:

There are two different durations of transit visa stay that the travellers can apply for. They can opt for between 48 hours and 96 hours as per their schedule. And that is true for all citizens who are not covered by the visa waiver policy in the country. For example, the GCC (Gulf Council of Cooperation) citizens are allowed to enter the country without a visa, while citizens of about 30 plus countries can obtain a visa upon arrival which allows them, depending on their nationality, to spend up to 30 days or up to 90 days. 
So this was all the details regarding How to Apply for 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa. So get your Dubai Transit Visa from the Dubai Visits Visa website and enjoy your transit visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to apply for a 48-hour Dubai transit visa, you should keep tabs on the website to verify the price.

No, a person who has no hotel reservation will not be able, as this is a requirement, to apply for a Dubai 48 hour transit visa.

You can now implement for a transit visa only with those conditions and payment of costs after 16 hours' layout in Dubai.

The visa processing system is much simpler than other countries for tourism purposes for people from around the world. In addition, Dubai offers different types of visas for tourists to visit Dubai easily. Those who hold this visa may leave the airport and at the nearby sights or even their families and friends. You can pre-schedule your trip and book your ticket accordingly, but for a short time to explore a different destination. You can visit Bur Dubai and explore the surrounding areas while visiting Dubai with this transit visa. In the western part of Dubai, Bur Dubai is a district. The Bur Dubai metro line connects the airport so visiting this place is easier. The area is renowned for shopping streets and souqs. You can certainly walk around here to buy some exciting things.

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